Must-Try Smoking Recipe in Your Kitchen

Smoking is not all about cigarettes. Smoking is also in food and has existed since a long time ago where man smoked food like meat and fish. In modern society, smoked food is highly bought in restaurants. Chefs know the best way to play with smoke and make a perfect meal for everyone.

It is not only chefs who can smoke food, but you can also try it on your own. With the best guidance from tutorials you can try out smoking during a family cookout, and you can turn out producing the best meal for your family.

Smoking is not only for summer. You can do it all year round and depend on how you like it; you can make the best-smoked meal ever. Smoking is not only for fish and meat, but you can also smoke other foods including vegetables and cheese. With a prepared dinner, you can enjoy a family cookout or picnic and have as much fun as you want.

Buying a smoker is the first step in making a smoking meal perfect. There are many types of smokers, and you have to be very careful in the selection to prepare the best meals using it. You have to ensure its size is perfect to go out on a family cookout with this smoker. How to pick a meat smoker is a question asked by many. There are things you consider which include;

1. The size of the smoker.

2. The price of the smoker.

3. The fuel type used on the smoker.

4. The brand of the smoker.

5. The versatility of the smoker.

After making a choice then you can go ahead and plan a family cookout to make the fun a reality.

There are many meals you can smoke, and the choice depends on how you love it. I also love burned food, but there is this one meal that has overlapped the others since I first tried it. This is a must try smoking recipe in your kitchen, and you will love it.

Bacon Explosion.
Bacon explosion is everyone’s favorite. Apart from being easy to cook, it is very appetizing and delicious, and it is undoubtedly the best for a cookout. You only need bacon, sausage, seasoning, BBQ sauce and other toppings you like.

You start off by creating your bacon weave, and you should ensure you make it perfect and in case of breaks, you can repair with the extra slices of bacon. Sprinkle your BBQ rub on the bacon and then put your sausage on the bacon. Make sure that the weave is of same thickness on the sausage and then pour a little rub on the sausage. After rolling the bacon, you can then spice it up a bit with your favorite spice like hot sauce. After this, you can now get excited about

finishing the hardest part. You can now take it to the smoker and maintain your temperatures at the right amount to make it cook well and use your favorite fuel which can be apple or cherry wood chips depending on what you love. You can add your favorite sauce and put it back in the smoker and allow it to be sticky. Depending on how you cook it, it can take a few hours, but the end meal is more than perfect and will be salivating even before you taste it.