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Infrared Grill vs Traditional Grill: What’s Best for Restaurant?

Grilling is one of the favorite ways of cooking the food. Grilling is healthier than frying the food. In the restaurants and at home grilling the food is easy. Grilling leaves a nice mark on the food In the backyard you can grill your food by talking with your guests. In the restaurants, the grilled foods are spiced up with the professional touch. This grilling technology has two ways to grill, the traditional grilling, and the infrared grilling. Both of these grilling techniques have their own pros and cons.

The Traditional Grilling
The traditional grilling involves foods to be on the direct source of heat. It can be above heated coal or burning wood or flame. This grilling process makes the food crunchy.

The Advantages
1. The traditional grill is portable. You can carry it to places. They are not bulky. They don’t involve a complex technology.
2. The traditional grill has a good temperature control. You can grill your food at the desired temperature. There will be no such problem of overheating your food.
3. The traditional grill’s price is lower than the infrared grills. This grill is affordable and pocket-friendly.

The Disadvantages
1. This grill takes away most of the juicy part of your food. The food becomes dry and it tastes not so tender. As this grill heats up the atmosphere of the air, so the moisture of the food disappears.
2. The pre-heat time of the food is quite long. You have to wait for a long time to grill your food. Even though the temperature can be controlled, it can take a good time
3. The distribution of the heat is not well. The traditional grill has some low heat areas and some extreme heat areas. If the food is in the wrong area, the food takes a long time to grill.

Infrared Grilling
Infrared waves are not new. The infrared grilling technology has been revolutionized in the last decade. The infrared waves heat the food directly.

The Advantages
1. It takes only 5 to 8 minutes to grill your food. With the infrared technology, the preheating time is very short. In busy places like restaurants, time is a vital factor. As this infrared grilling cooks the food faster, it’s good for the busy world.
2. The food is more juicer in this infrared grilling. The infrared waves shake the molecules of the food and this heats up the food. So the moisture of the food remains intact. You can get a 40% juicer food in this infrared grilling.
3. The heating of this infrared grill is even. Every corner of the grill has the same heat. This helps to cook at any place on the grill.
4. The modern electric grill has a temperature control. Your food will never be on the flame on this grill. From a low temperature to a high temperature, foods can be grilled safely.

The Disadvantages
1. This infrared grill comes at a high price. Comparing it with the traditional grill, the price is higher.
2. The bulky design of the most the infrared grill make it heavy.

Busy places like restaurants should always choose infrared grill. Even, grilling at home becomes easy with this infrared grill. The juicy food within a short time is only possible with an infrared grill. The price may be a little high but the infrared grilled food has an outstanding quality.